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MythCamp isn't just a game; it's a journey that ingeniously combines childhood camp memories with the mythological world of different cultures. Characters like Tomo, Ramsey, Pacha, and Callisto are brought to life, offering players a unique opportunity to engage with global myths. Our game promotes social interaction, strategic thinking, and, most importantly, diversity and inclusion.

Meet the Characters

Pacha Keyart.jpg


She takes advantage of nature to make good moves on her favor.

Reincarnation of Pachamama

Element: Earth

Age: 16

Nationality: Peruvian

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Likes: Yoga, Fermented Yak Butter Tea, Bears, Ceiba Trees


She can communicate with the earth, animals and plants, he cannot control them but he can ask them please and it is very convincing. He can see the future and the past.

Myth: Pacha is Pachamama's daughter, or rather, she is her own reincarnation. When Pachamama decides to be reborn, she fertilizes herself and germinates an extension of her, she cares for it and forms it until it reaches the necessary maturity to continue its reign. Pachamama acquires the physique and personality of his past incarnation. It also acquires the Memories of the Earth, memories more than 4 billion years old. However, these memories are acquired little by little over time. Pacha also has clairvoyant powers which she finds overwhelming since it is difficult for her to distinguish between a memory and a vision of the future. That's why you practice yoga, to clear your mind and be able to assimilate information little by little. However, there is a memory that worries him: the vision of the earth becoming extinct. Pacha doesn't know if it's a memory or a vision of the future. His hope is to find an assembly with the other gods in MythCamp and thus reach a common agreement, the destiny of the earth.


He is a stealth player but if you don’t play carefully around him, he will destroy you.

Son of Fujin

Element: Wind

Age: 14

Nationality: Japanese

Sexual orientation: Straight

Likes: Gadgets, Anime, Instruction Manuals, Singing in the shower


He can control the wind to the point of being able to levitate and create sounds thanks to it. Intelligence above average for his age. He is good with gadgets.

Myth: Tomo always knew he was different. His skin is turquoise, he has larger than normal fangs and sometimes, if he concentrates, he can control the wind. Tomo grew up with his mother in Shirakawa, a mountain town in Japan. He never knew who his father was until one day he gathered up the courage and asked his mother: What is happening with me? To which she responded: It's time for us to have this conversation. Upon discovering that his father is a demon called Fujin, he decided to learn more about the world of the gods and enrolled in MythCamp, a camp where all the gods of all cultures and all eras send their children.

Tomo Keyart.jpg
Cal Keyart.jpg


A charming young man but a natural born troll

Son of Poseidon

Element: Water

Age: 18

Nationality: Greek

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Likes: Extreme Water Skiing, Siren Rock Opera, A good rival, 80´s movies


Hydrokinesis: He can control water but not create it.


Superhuman speed and strength.

Hydrotransportation: He can be transported easily and quickly in water, even appearing in reflections.

Myth: Cal is one of the hundreds of children of Poseidon. He grew up among more than 100 older and younger brothers and sisters so his sense of rivalry and competition have always been present. Although he admires his father for being one of the most powerful gods, he rarely sees him. His mother, with whom he lived the first 5 years of his life, was a mortal who gave him a necklace in the shape of a Shell. In difficult moments he swears he can hear his mother's voice through that necklace. Cal is a MythCamp veteran and will be a Counselor next year.


A girl with high moral values but you better not make here angry

Daughter of Ra

Element: Fire

Age: 17

Nationality: Egiptian

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Likes: Humans of all kinds, Romance Novels, Scent Candles, Up-Close Sunrises


Pyrokinesis: She can control and create fire.


Superhuman speed

Empath: She can control other people's emotions.

Myth: Legend has it that Ra, the god of the sun, met a maiden from the Nile River. When he fell in love with her, he made her immortal and they swore eternal love for each other forever and ever. Their love was so powerful and intense that one night, Ra's palace was consumed by flames of passion. The other gods came to see what was happening. Only ashes, the god Ra, his beloved and a small dancing flame remained of the palace. Ra was so curious about the little flame that she decided to give it a life of her own, becoming Ramsey, a girl with high moral values, justice, empathy and self-esteem.

Ramsey Keyart.jpg
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